Monday, September 6, 2010

Movie characters I wish were real so that I could hang out with them

William Miller (from Almost Famous). I imagine we would have been best friends growing up. We would have exchanged music and records and have had intense discussions about rock 'n' roll over cups of coffee. He would have taken me backstage to shows on occasion and introduced me to some of the hippest, coolest rock stars on the scene that he was interviewing.

Riff Randall (from Rock 'N' Roll High School). Riff would have been my rock 'n' roll partner-in-crime in high school. We would have attended every rock concert we could possibly manage together. We would wear matching shiny outfits, pigtails in our hair, and run around shouting "gabba gabba hey!"

Jam (from Detroit Rock City). Jam would have been another one of my closest chums. After school, I'd go watch him practice and rock out on his drums and then talk endlessly about the amazingness of KISS.

The Spinal Tap guys.Bold Who wouldn't want hang out with Spinal Tap, the coolest, wildest rock band on the planet!?

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