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Ultimate Dream Band

I asked some of the area's greatest rock stars and rock fans what their ultimate dream band would be. Here are the results, with more to come: [YOU DECIDE--WHO HAS THE BEST ONE?]

Nick Hartman (Guitarist/Vocalist in La Crosse’s brand-spankin’ new band “Steel Ponies”)
· Vocals: Bobby Kimball (Toto)
· Lead Guitar: Eric Clapton
· Rhythm Guitar: Nancy Wilson
· Bass: Geddy Lee
· Drums: Keith Moon
· Keys: Geoff Downes (The Buggles, Asia, Yes)

Brent “Brownie” Brown (Genius behind La Crosse’s “Burnt Brownies”)
· Vocals: Al Green
· Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
· Rhythm Guitar: Joe Pass
· Bass: Victor Wooten
· Drums: Kevin Screenes
· Keys: Scott Joplin

Tim Powers (Bass player for La Crosse’s very own “Smokin’ Bandits”)
· Vocals: Chris Robinson
· Lead Guitar: Warren Haynes
· Rhythm Guitar: Keith Richards
· Bass: John Paul Jones
· Drums: Zigaboo (The Meters)
· Keys: Chuck Leavell

Lisa Jorgenson (Pianist, Keyboardist/Vocalist in “Steel Ponies”...and, yes, creator of this blog)
· Vocals: Burton Cummings (The Guess Who)
· Lead Guitar: CC Deville
· Rhythm Guitar: George Harrison
· Bass: Rick Danko (The Band)
· Drums: Alex Van Halen
· Keys: Lyle Mays (Pat Metheny Group)

Andy Peterson (Music connoisseur/Coolest person ever)
· Vocals: David Bowie
· Lead Guitar: Eric Clapton
· Rhythm Guitar: Brad Nowell (Sublime)
· Bass: Les Claypool (Primus)
· Drums: Max Weinberg
· Keys: Jack Sabol-Williams (Shoeless Revolution)
· Horn Section: Ben Peterson, Karl Denson, Wynton Marsalis

Josh Escher (Nikki Sixx in Oshkosh’s “Sleaze Patrol”)
· Vocals: Garth Brooks
· Lead Guitar: Dimebag Darrel (Pantera)
· Rhythm Guitar: Ted Nugent
· Bass Roger Maganelli (Less than Jake)
· Drums: Dave Lombardo (Slayer)
· Keys: Lisa Jorgenson

Cat Pinnell (Rockin’ Bass player in “Steel Ponies”)
· Vocals: Freddie Mercury
· Lead Guitar: Jimi Hendrix
· Rhythm Guitar: Joe Perry (and if Jimi would let him, he could solo once in a while…)
· Bass: Richard Pinnell (close second is Jaco Pastorius…but he was a little crazy and I acknowledge he had an attitude! My daddy-o is drama-free!)
· Drums: Neil Peart
· Keys: Herbie Hancock

Reed Grimm (The incredible Singer/Drummer in the Twin Cities’ “Shoeless Revolution”)
· Vocals: Bobby McFerrin
· Lead Guitar: John Scofield
· Rhythm Guitar: Fareed Haque
· Bass: Mike Janish
· Drums: Brian Blade
· Keys: Mozart
“This is strictly based on musical ability and not personality. I think all of them might be hard to work with, but all we have to do is throw Dan Dreisen into the mix and everything would be smooth sailing :)” --Reed G.

Neil Dreger (The Professor/Hippest Rock star in Rochester, NY)
· Vocals: Sting
· Lead Guitar: Slash
· Rhythm Guitar: Peter Buck (REM)
· Bass: Tony Levin/Rocco Prestia (two basses are always better than one!)
· Drums: Dennis Chambers
· Keys: Lawrence Hobgood

Britt Severson (Master of children and stringed instruments)
· Vocals: Freddie Mercury
· Background Vocals: Axl Rose
· Lead Guitar: Lita Ford
· Rhythm Guitar: Prince
· Bass: Bootsy Collins
· Drums: Neil Peart
· Keys: Elton John

Eric Streske (Guitar God of “Shoeless Revolution”)
· Vocals: Paul McCartney
· Lead Guitar: Eric Krasno (Soulive)
· Rhythm Guitar: John Mayer
· Bass: Jaco Pastorius
· Drums: Adam Deitch
· Keys: Neal Evans (Soulive)

Jack Sabol-Williams (Keyboard/Percussion virtuoso of the world and “Shoeless Revolution”)
· Vocals: Freddie Mercury
· Lead Guitar: Eric Krasno
· Rhythm Guitar: George Harrison
· Bass: Chris Wood
· Drums: Steve Jordan
· Keys: John Medeski

Ben Peterson (Saxophonist/Bassist/Guitarist/Drummer/Clarinetist/Flautist…am I missing anything? Oh yes, and he’s also in “Shoeless Revolution”)
· Vocals: …Pending… (Ben’s still thinking)
· Lead Guitar: Eric Clapton
· Rhythm Guitar: Eric Streske
· Bass: Gabe Nelson (Cake)
· Drums: Michael Bland (Prince’s band)
· Keys: Brad Mehldau

Noah Singer (Co-creator of Classic Rock Hangman/Connoisseur of life and amazingness)
· Vocals/Keys: Richard Manuel (The Band)
· Lead Guitar: Stevie Ray Vaughn
· Rhythm Guitar/Background vocals: Hank Williams
· Bass: Bootsy Collins
· Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta (Drummer on Frank Zappa’s “Joe’s Garage”)
*Noah’s band is called “SANDWICHES.”

Guide to Upcoming Local/Regional Music events, week of July 27th

Tuesday, July 28
PAULIE—10 pm @ Popcorn Tavern, 308 S. 4th, La Crosse, free.
HAMILTON LOOMIS—blues, 9 pm @ Nighthawks Tap Room, 401 S. 3rd St, La Crosse, $10 in advance and $12 day of.
OPEN JAM—9 pm-1 am @ The Joint, 325 Jay St, La Crosse, free.
HIPPIEFEST—Featuring Badfinger, The Turtles, and The Rascals, 805 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis.
CHEECH--7 pm @Northside Oasis, 620 Gillette St, La Crosse.

Wednesday, July 29
MITCH’S OPEN JAM—10 pm @ Popcorn Tavern, 308 3rd St, La Crosse, free.
CHEECH—7-10 pm @ Baus Haus, Ward Ave, La Crosse, free.

Thursday, July 30
SHOELESS REVOLUTION w/ HEATBOX—9:45 pm @ Cabooze, 917 Cedar Ave, Minneapolis, 18+. (
KIES AND KOMPANIE—jazz, 5-8 pm @ Starlite Lounge, 222 Pearl St, La Crosse, free.
DAVE ORR’S DAMN JAM—10 pm @ Nighthawks Tap Room, 401 3rd St, La Crosse, free.
OPEN JAM—8 pm @ Northside Oasis, 620 Gillette St, La Crosse, free.

Friday, July 31
12TH ANNUAL PRAIRIE DOG BLUES FESTIVAL—5 pm @ St. Feriole Island, Prairie Du Chein, WI. (
THE BAND THAT SHOULD NOT BE (Metallica Tribute)--10 pm @ Howie's, 1128 La Crosse St.

Saturday, August 1
12th ANNUAL PRAIRIE DOG BLUES FESTIVAL—St. Feriole Island, Prairie Du Chein, WI. (
TUGG—10 pm @ The Joint, 324 Jay St, La Crosse, $3.
“ROCKIN THE DOCKS” THE REMAINDERS, PAT McCURDY, MILK TOAST, TUGG, CAIT AND WINN—noon to 11 pm @ Huck Finn’s on the Water, 127 Marina Dr, La Crosse, $12 advance, $10 at gate, $20 VIP
FREEDOM JAZZ FESTIVAL—4801 Minnehaha Ave. So, Minneapolis. (

August 6—The Moody Blues @ Target Center, Minneapolis.
August 7-8—Yucatan Jam @ Outback Ranch, Houston, MN.
August 14-16—Great River Jazz Festival, La Crosse.
August 23—Kansas @ Mayo Civic Center, Rochester, MN.
August 28-30—Great River Folk Festival, UW-La Crosse.
August 31—Jackson Browne@ Minnesota State Fair, Saint Paul.

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Hilarious album cover of the week

Pictures with your favorite rock stars

I met James "JY" Young from Styx in February, 2003. My friends and I had the pleasure of seeing Styx at the La Crosse Center and got to go backstage to meet JY and Todd Sucherman. So much fun! We sat in the 3rd row that night, and I was so excited to have caught picks thrown out by JY and Glen Burtnik. It was crazy because I had the opportunity of meeting Todd Sucherman again at a drum clinic in 2007, and to my surprise he remembered me.


Send me your photos! Either comment on this post, or email me at

David Lee Roth picture of the week!