Friday, September 25, 2009

TV characters that I wish were real so that I could hang out with them

Steven Hyde (from “That 70s Show”) so that we could sit in the basement, watch TV, and kick back with some beers. He could also introduce me to the latest rock albums through his job at the record store.

Nick Andopolis (from “Freaks and Geeks”) so that I had someone to talk endlessly with about Led Zeppelin and John Bonham.

Karen Arnold (from “The Wonder Years”) so I had a free-spirited girlfriend to sing songs, braid each other’s hair, and recite poetry with.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

You know who's cool?

Rick Wakeman
"Catherine Parr," live 1975:

Monday, September 21, 2009

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Guide to Upcoming Local/Regional Music Events, week of Sept 14

Tuesday, September 15
PAULIE—10 pm @ Popcorn Tavern, 308 S. 4th, La Crosse, free.
OPEN JAM—9 pm-1 am @ The Joint, 325 Jay St, La Crosse, free.
OPEN JAZZ JAM—Root Note, 4th Street, La Crosse.
TODD RUNDGREN—7:30 pm @ State Theatre, Minneapolis, MN.

Wednesday, September 16
CHEECH—7-10 pm @ Baus Haus, Ward Ave, La Crosse, free.
DAVE ORR’S OPEN JAM—10 pm @ Popcorn Tavern, 4th Street, La Crosse.
ACOUSTIC OPEN JAM—10 pm @ Nighthawk’s Tap, 3rd Street, La Crosse.
KARL DENSON’S TINY UNIVERSE—Turner Hall Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI.

Thursday, September 17
KIES AND KOMPANIE—jazz, 5-8 pm @ Starlite Lounge, 222 Pearl St, La Crosse, free.
DAVE ORR’S DAMN JAM—10 pm @ Nighthawks Tap Room, 401 3rd St, La Crosse, free.
NICK SHATTUCK —10 pm @ Del’s Bar, La Crosse.
ROSTER McCABE—10 pm @ Popcorn Tavern, La Crosse.
KARL DENSON’S TINY UNIVERSE—The Cabooze, Minneapolis, MN.

Friday, September 18
CHEECH & CHUBBA—4-8 pm @ Pearl Street Brewery, St. Andrew Street, La Crosse.
GREG BALFANY’S JAZZ QUARTET—8-11 pm @ The Waterfront, La Crosse.
THREE BEERS ‘TIL DUBUQUE—8 pm-midnight @ Applefest, La Crescent, MN.
TUGG—9 pm @ The Joint, Jay Street, La Crosse.
LUCAS CATES BAND—midnight @ Babe’s, Madison, WI.

Saturday, September 19
CHRIS BUCHEIT & STEVE MEGER—8-11 pm @ The Waterfront, La Crosse.
FLASHBACK—9 pm @ Jake’s Northwoods, Hwy 21, Sparta, WI.

Sunday, September 20
SOM’N JAZZ— 10 pm @ Popcorn Tavern, La Crosse.

Oktoberfest—September 25-October 3, La Crosse, WI. Featuring The String Ties, Flashback, The Freezers, The Remainders, Sellout, The Executives, and Double Take.
Andrew Bird—October 16, Pabst Theatre, Milwaukee, WI.

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