Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lisa's Rock Concert Highlights

Snapshots of some of my favorite rock concerts I've attended:
Styx, La Crosse WI, Aug. 2000
*This was my first time seeing Styx, and I got to meet Glen Burtnik.

Styx, Eau Claire WI, July 2001.

Night Ranger, La Crosse WI, July 2002.

Jackson Browne, St. Paul MN, Dec. 2002.
*I got a concussion between Jackson Browne and Tom Petty sets. Ouch!

Tom Petty, St Paul MN, Dec. 2002.

John Waite, La Crosse WI, Feb. 2003.

Kansas, La Crosse WI, Feb. 2003.

Styx, La Crosse WI, Feb 2003.
*Had the great pleasure of meeting JY and Todd Sucherman.

Coheed & Cambria, Minneapolis MN, Oct. 2005.

Motley Crue, La Crosse WI, Feb. 2006.

Steel Panther (formerly Metal Skool), San Diego CA, March 2008.
*Got to dance up on the stage! Hilarious, yet amazing skills these guys got.

Slaughter, La Crosse WI, July 2008.
*Got to meet the band at "The Animal House," downtown La Crosse.

Firehouse, Green Bay WI, March 2009.

Kansas, Rochester MN, Aug. 2009.

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